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About Us

MediNat Australia

MediNat Australia is a 100% Australian family owned company (Pure Positive Pty Ltd t/a Medinat Australia ABN 23 621 573 699), committed to providing exceptional quality products and services at the best possible prices.


We have investigated, researched, visited and developed products from suppliers in 4 countries over the last 8 years. The best of the best now make drug testing devices specifically for MediNat Australia to Australian Standards thresholds.
We believe we have the best 'tested and proven' products available for the Australian market. We wouldn't settle for anything less.

All devices are laboratory tested and each pre sales batch is field tested by MediNat Australia.

 We hold considerable stock levels of drug tests which we turnover frequently to ensure the product you receive is fresh and has the maximum possible shelf life. It also means that our stock is the very latest in advancing technology from our manufacturers and has maximum shelf life for you.


We are professional and experienced, more importantly personalised and flexible, and can move quickly to focus our resources to meet your specific drug testing needs whether a large corporation or at home drug test user.


Company level, Service, Quality, Competitive Pricing, innovation are our priorities.
On a personal level, "to reduce the personal, family, social and industrial impact of drug use" by providing drug testing as the means of intervention and deterrent.


Continue to research develop or source the latest technology and best quality Drug and Alcohol testing devices for our customers.
Continue to develop our range of services and customer service opportunities.
Develop a unique Australian owned, developed and manufactured drug testing devices.