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Soberlive Wall Mounted Breathalyser

Designed for mass testing, the Soberlive wall mounted fixed breathalyser is fully connected to the internet, allowing an endless world of possibilities.

Video display, device checking, data download, and more can be done wirelessly from your computer or even smartphone, making it an excellent breath tester for all applications including rehabilitation centres, clinics, and workplaces.

Note: Breathalysers are calibrated on order.  Please allow an additional 48 hours to postage time.

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B-023-SLive Wall BL
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The Soberlive Wall mounted breathalyser

Data Upload - sends all tests taken (including the time, date, user ID and test result) to a server via wifi.

Check Records - sign into your My Andatech account to check test records remotely from your computer or smartphone

Locked Admin Panel - Password-protected admin panel, designed to be easy to use. Access directly from the Soberlive breathalyzer to change settings, add users, or check the device.

See Test Results -  administrators can view test records and check the machine's test count directly from the device.

Create User Login or Guest Access - set the Soberlive to allow users to take a test using an existing user ID (set up through the Andatech server or on the unit itself), or using guest access to take tests.For company-wide alcohol testing, know individual employee results easily.

Receive Email Notifications - configure settings to receive email notifications for all tests or only for tests that are over a set limit, which can also be configured. Notifications can be sent as soon as a test is taken or as daily reports.

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Model No. A--023-SLiveWall BL
BAC Range 0.00% - 0.50%BAC
Sensor Type Large electrochemical fuel cell sensor
Accuracy ± 0.005%BAC at 0.10%BAC
Warm Up Time 5 seconds - 5 minutes
Response Time Within 10 seconds at 0.100$ BAC
Power Supply 5V DC
Mouthpieces Cylindrical straws (disposable)
Certification Australian Standard AS3547
Calibration Frequency Unlimited tests / 6 months mandatory calibration (via replaceable sensor)
Display Visual display for instructions or company video
Features WiFi connectivity, in built straw dipsenser, push button operation for ease of use

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