Which Medical Gloves Are Better: Nitrile Or Latex?

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Which Medical Gloves Are Better: Nitrile Or Latex?
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Disposable single-use gloves are becoming a symbol of safety - for food, medicine and other industries. While the use of gloves should never serve as a substitute for handwashing and proper hygiene, they can offer additional protection.

When purchasing gloves for the workplace, whether it be for drug testing or additional use cases, there’s often concern around which is more effective: latex or nitrile.

While they are both suitable options for protection, depending on a range of factors, including the environment or allergies, one may be a more appropriate solution than another.

What is Latex?

The white, soft substance found under the bark of a mature rubber tree is used to create latex gloves. Composed from water and this material, latex is a popular choice for protective gloves for medical or industrial use. Latex gloves can offer the following benefits:

  • A skin-tight fit
  • High levels of touch sensitivity
  • Wearable for an extended period of time
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightly powdered, making them easier to put on
  • Made from strong, elastic material
  • Biodegradable

What is Nitrile?

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound most commonly used in disposable gloves. Nitrile is an ideal alternative for protective gloves, as latex allergies can be quite common. Nitrile gloves also provide the following benefits for wearers:

  • Latex-free (for those with allergies, this can be very important)
  • Highly durable and puncture resistant
  • Mould to your hand for a tighter fit
  • Offer a high level of sensitivity
  • Can be worn for longer periods of time
  • Work well in high-risk situations with infectious materials
  • Can resist certain chemicals
  • Boast a longer shelf life
  • Available in blue or black, making it easier to detect punctures 

Using Disposable Gloves Properly

Safe Work Australia states that while gloves may be suited for some practices, physical distancing and washing hands with soap and warm water are the best forms of defence against the spread of COVID-19.

If gloves are not used properly, they can pose an even greater risk of spreading germs, putting your workers or customers at risk. Complacency while wearing gloves can also reduce hand hygiene, so it’s important to be diligent.

Before putting on gloves and after removing them, you should always wash and dry your hands thoroughly. When wearing disposable gloves, they should be replaced regularly, kept clean and stored according to manufacturer instructions. Disposable gloves should never be reused or shared between workers.

Purchase Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

Suitable for all drug and alcohol testing environments, ISense® Nitrile Medical Gloves available online through MediNat Australia  are made from 100% high grade nitrile materials and are completely safe for users allergic to latex. Available in small, medium, large and extra large sizing, each box of gloves contains 100 gloves.

For more information on medical grade gloves and other ways you can improve safety in the workplace, contact MediNat Australia today. Call us on 1300 725 520 or send an email to info@medinat.com.au. You can also use our online contact form to find out more about safety precautions in the workplace.