Why Use Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing?

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Why Use Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing?
By MediNat Australia 2 years ago 189 Views

Workplace drug testing is becoming increasingly common in Australian businesses. While we are still nowhere near the rate at which U.S. companies test employees, more Australian organisations are seeing the benefits of drug testing There are many benefits of random and scheduled drug and alcohol testing, but the main reason is increased safety for everyone.

Acting as a deterrent, drug and alcohol testing identifies employees who may compromise safety. This helps organisations protect the wellbeing of workers, contactors, visitors, and in some cases, the public and the communities in which they operate.


Why Use Drug Testing in the Workplace?

Employees working under the influence of drugs and alcohol pose a serious safety risk in many workplaces, especially where heavy machinery, dangerous equipment and operating vehicles are involved. Regular drug testing helps to reduce workplace accidents as well as boosting productivity and reducing absenteeism.


Your Drug and Alcohol Policy

To introduce drug and alcohol testing you must first develop a clear and detailed set of processes, procedures, and guidelines, and ensure everyone is aware of what will happen, why, how, when, and any other conditions you need to include.

Your drug and alcohol policy must be tailored to suit the specific challenges of your organisation. There is professional assistance available to help you develop a suitable policy in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including employees.


Types of Drug and Alcohol Testing

There are three types of drug and alcohol tests that are commonly administered in the workplace:

  • Saliva Drug Testing – Faster and less invasive than some tests but is more limited in the range of drugs they can detect. It’s a good choice for random testing where you suspect drug use because it can detect very recent drug use.
  • Urine Drug Testing – Tests for a wider range of drugs with results that are typically more accurate as it avoids contaminants associated with saliva testing, such as food and drinks. Also has a longer detection period for drug use.
  • Alcohol Breathalysers – A fast, extremely reliable and simple way to test for alcohol inebriation and can be administered on the spot.

What Do the Tests Detect?

Depending on the type of test used, a wide range of drugs can be detected. For example, urine tests can detect amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, opiates, benzodiazepines, ecstasy, buprenorphine, methadone, oxycodone, barbiturate, fentanyl, ketamine, phencyclidine, and propoxyphene.

Reliable Workplace Drug and Alcohol Test Kits

Help to create a safer workplace with MediNat Australia’s range of alcohol and drug test kits, all made in full ISO and quality-controlled environments. Our team can also assist you with creating an effective alcohol and drug policy that includes terms regarding testing in the workplace.

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