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Ora-Check Complete 6-1 Drug Test

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6 Drug Saliva / Oral Fluid Drug Test made specifically to Australian rigorous drug detection requirements.

1. Methamphetamines (MET) - 50ng
2. Amphetamines (AMP) - 50ng
3. Opiates/Morphine/Heroin (OPI) - 40ng
4. Cocaine (COC) - 20ng
5. Cannabinoids/Marijuana (THC) - 50ng
6. Benzodiazepines (BZO - 10ng/ml

Ora-Check Complete is a complete drug testing kit that is easy to use, donor friendly and very accurate.

Saliva Drug Testing is the perfect workplace solution for random onsite drug testing as it does not require special facilities and is fast and efficient to use anytime anywhere.
Tests essential 6 drug groups in saliva and is ideal for workplace drug testing, transport companies, oil, gas and mining for onsite drug testing anywhere, anytime.


Made to the Australian lower drug detection requirements specifically for MediNat Australia
One-Step, Rapid, Qualitative Drugs of Abuse Saliva Immunoassay Test Kit for 6 drug groups -

- Cannabinoids THC, Marijuana (THC Parent Drug)
- Opiates, Heroin, Morphine
- Cocaine,
- Methamphetamine, ice
- Amphetamines, speed, stimulants
- Benzodiazepines, sedatives

Very clear results with easy to read lines!
Non invasive drug test kit, does not require special facilities.
User friendly collection system with a small sponge, for easy and fast sample collection
Test, anywhere, anytime with this easy to use device
Fast accurate drug tests in minutes

Features: Portable saliva drug test, easy to read in any light, fast collection and most of all accurate results, meets your drug testing requirements in any environment.

The features of this Saliva Drug Test Kit make it the prefect test for random and onsite workplace drug testing, post incident testing or randomly drug testing drivers and machine operators on the worksite.

Saliva Drug Testing is now broadly used in organizations that conduct workplace and random drug testing, and it is now common to see Saliva Drug Tests as an integral part of a comprehensive drug testing policy in any organization. In addition Saliva drug testing is more cost-effective and faster than either urine or hair testing.

Customer Feedback:
Our HR Dept. and onsite testers report this as the most user friendly test of the 3 popular test devices we tried, it also gives clear readable results. This is our prefered test for our mine site drug tests (Safety Company, WA)

Model No. ORA_CHECK6
Type Saliva/Oral Fluid Drug Testing Kit
Cut-Off Levels Test Drug Cut-off level (ng/ml)
AMP - Amphetamine 50ng/ml
METH - Methamphetamine 50ng/ml
THC - Cannabis (Parent) 50ng/ml
COC - Cocaine 20ng/ml
OPI - Opiates 40ng/ml
BZO - Benzodiazepine 10ng/ml