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DrugSense OraScan Drug Analyser

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The DrugSense OraScan Drug Analyser ensures accurate interpreting of drug test results by eliminating common user errors (such as using expired test cassettes) and interpretation mistakes (such as oversight of the control line or mistakes in interpreting positive and negative results).

 With advanced features such as record keeping, built-in printer and data upload via USB, Wifi, or 3G, the OraScan is a crucial device for any application that requires accurate drug testing with no room for error.



User friendly
Large 4.3” touch screen and clear on-screen instructions makes navigating and using the OraScan easy for any user.

2D Barcode Scanner
Simply scan the drug test cassette to check its expiry date, the drugs that it can test for, and their cut-off levels.

Accurate Analysis
Uses highly detailed scanning technology to accurately interpret drug test results and displays this to the user in clear text.

No more guesswork as results are displayed clearly next to the corresponding drugs tested as “- No drug detected” for negative tests, “+ Lab test required” for positive tests or “X Invalid Test” for invalid tests.

Built-in Printer
Features a built-in printer for printing test results on-the-spot.

Record Keeping
Stores the images of the test cassette results for records.

Data Upload
Upload records to a server via USB, Wifi or 3G (requires a sim card).

Convenient Testing
Comes with rechargeable battery and carry case for portability and convenience.

Model No   ORASCAN    
    Test Drug   Cut off Level
Cut-Off Levels   AMP - Amphetamine   50 ng/ml
    BZO - Benzodiazepines   10 ng/ml
    COC - Cocaine, Crack   20 ng/ml
    THC - Hasish, Marijuana   40 ng/ml
    MET - Methamphetamines   50 ng/ml
    MTD - Methadone   15 ng/ml
    OPI - Opiates   20 ng/ml
Specifications   Display   4.3” Touch Screen (800 x 480)
    Dimensions   20.9cm x 9cm x 5.64cm
    Weight   443.8g (with thermal printer)
        413.9 (with Bluetooth printer)
    Battery   7.4V/ 1800mA Lithium Battery
    Battery Life   350 tests (with printing) 
        1000 tests (without printing)
    Camera   130 MP
    RAM   256MB SDRAM, 512MB Flash Memory
    Storage   4GB EMMC and 4GB TF Card
    Working Temperature   -5⁰C to -50⁰C
    Storage Temperature   -25⁰C to -70⁰C
    Printer   Built-in Thermal Printer
    Connectivity   WiFi and 3G