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Contactless Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

  • Contactless measurement of body and object temperature
  • Precise temperature readings within one second
  • Recall up to nine previous readings from memory
  • Results in °C (default) or °F
  • Multi-coloured backlight display
  • On/off audible alerts
  • Auto switch off after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Approved for use in Australia by TGA (ARTG 333214)
  • 2 year warranty
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A-130-Infrared Thermo
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Rapidly screen your workforce for fever with the MedSense Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer from MediNat. Designed for the rigours of clinical use, this digital thermometer delivers accurate (±0.2°C between 35°C and 42°C) body temperature readings rapidly. A simple, colour-coded display makes identifying fevers simple and easy, while its ergonomic design makes the screening process faster and easier for both operator and patient. Employers concerned for the health of their employees can find a reliable, non-invasive and effective screening tool in the MedSense Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer from MediNat.

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Product dimensions: 34×160×50mm

Product weight: about 68g (excluding batteries)

Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (alkaline batteries are recommended)

Measurement range:

  • Body temperature 34.0 - 43.0°C
  • Object temperature 0 - 93.2°C

Resolution ratio: 0.1°C/°F

Accuracy: (35.0°C~42.0°C) ±0.2°C, other temperature ±0.3°C.

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature 10.0°C~40.0°C
  • Relative humidity 15%RH~93%RH
  • Atmospheric pressure 70kPa~106kPa

Transportation / storage conditions:

  • Temperature -25°C~55°C
  • Relative humidity 0%RH~93%RH
  • Atmospheric pressure 50kPa~106kPa

Display screen: LCD display screen, 4 bit numbers and special icons

Memory: 9 tests

Automatic shut down: After 30 seconds of inactivity

Life expectancy: 5 years

Packing parts list

  • Main body
  • Product manual
  1. Remove the battery cover beneath the control panel and insert two AAA batteries according to the diagram on the inside before replacing the cover.
  2. Press the power button to switch the device on – the most recent test result will be displayed and an audible alert will play.
  3. Dry the patient’s forehead using a disposable towel or tissue to remove any perspiration and ensure that the patient is not sitting next to a cooling system or source of heat.
  4. Using the LED lamp as a guide, aim the probe at the centre of the patient’s forehead, holding the device between three and five centimetres away.
  5. Press the button to take a measurement, maintaining the distance from the probe to the patient’s forehead until the completion alert is heard.
  6. After approximately one second, the result will display on the screen. Should the device detect a body temperature above healthy ranges, the screen will display the result on either an orange (attention) or red (possible fever) background.
  7. Wait 10 seconds to allow the device to reset itself between consecutive measurements.