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Soberlive FRX Breathalyser (Facial Recognition + Temperature Scanner)

Soberlive FRX Breathalyser and Temperature Scanner, with facial recognition

An essential for workplaces, the Soberlive FRX is an all-in-one breathalyser, temperature scanner and facial recognition ID to screen employees and visitors before they even enter your premises.

With the ability to be connected to any access control system, the Soberlive FRX can also automatically restrict access to those who are running a fever or are over your workplace policy’s alcohol limit.

The first line of defense to protect workplace safety, the Soberlive FRX saves valuable time, eliminates direct physical contact and reduces the need for extra manpower when it comes to temperature and alcohol screening.

  • Scans the user's body temperature in less than 1 second and can be enabled to ensure the user is wearing a mask before entering the premises.
  • Suitable for workplaces to enforce alcohol testing policy and can double as employee time attendance (logging the employee's ID, alcohol and body temperature test results, and time of entry)


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The Soberlive FRX breathalyser's fuel cell sensor is accurate to +/-5% and accurately analyses breath samples, providing BAC test results up to 3 decimal places.

Stores 10,000 registered faces, and 2,000 test results in its internal memory.

Store more faces and test results on the cloud when you sign up for an Andalink management plan

The Andatech Soberlive FRX's state-of-the-art facial recognition technology allows instant verification of employees for quick and efficient temperature screening and BAC testing on site.*Guest mode is also available for visitors

To prevent having a sober buddy take an alcohol test on someone's behalf, the Soberlive FRX utilises a facial verification feature 3 times- once before the test, once during the test (snaps a photo of the testee), and once more after the test.

Available as wall mounted, or standing bracket, as well as option to use straws for breath testing (sold seperately - please contact to discuss)

* Also available without temperature scanner - see Soberlive FR

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