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Virus Destroying, Reusable Face Mask

Virus Destroying, Reusable Face Mask

Clean, safe air with every breath!

RivenGuard reusable face masks overcomes this deficiency by providing both N95 grade filtration and sterilisation from the patented and certified LIVINGUARD® Technology. LIVINGUARD® sterilises the air as it passes through the mask, killing bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus).

Requiring washing only every 10-12 days, the mask is reusable for up to a year, and washable 30 times in cold water.
 Offers superior infection prevention for every use
 Stays germ-free as well as metal & silver free, for safer use on the skin and breathing
 Option to be purchased with or without valve/vent for smoother, efficient breathing
 Equipped with N95 grade protection specially designed for prevention from flu and influenza
 Made of comfortable, soft material equipped for prolonged use
 Adjustable ear straps and nose bar for secure fit, thus reducing potential for airborne particals to penetrate.
 The secure fit also reduces the potential for sunglasses/prescription glasses to fog.
 Masks made with LIVINGUARD technology are TGA approved [ARTG no. 335554]

LIVINGUARD® cloth has been extensively tested for viral inactivation, bacteria destroying, and safety at leading international laboratories

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Virus Destroying, Reusable Face Mask

Further information:

Most ordinary masks only filter dirt and dust and fail when it comes to filtering small pathogens like viruses and bacteria. 
This is where RivenGuard is different and provides you not only with N95 grade filtration but has on-top the patented and certified LIVINGUARD® Technology that actually sterilizes the air as it passes through the mask, killing bacteria and viruses. 

The RivenGuard mask uses such an industry standard filter as well, and in addition offers additional protection by destroying >99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 on each layer enveloping this filter.

Independent testing by researchers from the Free University of Berlin at the Institute for Animal Hygiene and Environmental Health have now been able to demonstrate that textiles treated with LIVINGUARD® technology, such as the Rivenguard Reusable face mask, can destroy 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

The 3 layers of the mask work in continuous combination, protecting both the wearer and others.

The textiles treated with LIVINGUARD® technology, that are incorporated into RivenGuard face masks, have been scientifically tested to neutralize 99,9% of SARS-CoV-2. This protection is sustained through multiple uses and washes when used as recommended.

Continued need for personal hygiene

However, the use of a RivenGuard face mask does not substitute the need for good personal hygiene as recommended by the applicable authorities and cannot prevent infection when not wearing the mask and instances where the virus may enter the respiratory tract through other means such as cross contamination through the concerned person’s hand.

For further information on the Rivenguard mask, and how the mask works, including FAQs, please go to the information menu of the MediNat website.

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