Developing an Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy

Why is a Drug and Alcohol policy required?

Employees who are affected by drugs and alcohol can negatively impact the safety, productivity, harmony and culture of a business.

It is essential that companies implement a strong drug and alcohol policy to help reduce safety risks, and fulfill their obligations of ‘duty of care’ under health and safety laws, to their employees.

As such, an employer may be held liable for any negligent or wrongful acts committed by a drug or alcohol-impaired worker unless the employer takes all reasonably practicable steps to prevent the behaviour.

What is a Drug and Alcohol Policy?

A drug and alcohol policy is a set of agreed and communicated guidelines for drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.  This policy should be part of the company Health and Safety policy.

Developing a drug and alcohol policy is a very sensitive issue as it covers two competing workplace interests: private behaviour by an employee versus taking all available measures to ensure a safe working environment.

There is never one policy that fits all businesses.  It is a complex issue that needs to be developed to align to the company culture, goals, procedures and current policies.

How to develop an effective Drug and Alcohol Policy?

In consultation with all of your stakeholders, MediNat can help you develop a strong and clear policy for workplace drug and alcohol testing.

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