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Soberpoint Fixed Breathalyser

Equipped with LCD screen for providing information, or instructions, and WIFI enabled, the high, quality standard accuracy of a handheld can now be mounted on the wall.

Coin or push button operated, for the workplace or entertainment venue. Keep your employees safe and your patrons responsible.

Note: Breathalysers are calibrated on order.  Please allow an additional 48 hours to postage time.

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B-027-SPointFix BL
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The Soberpoint fixed breathalyser is an industrial grade wall-mounted breathalyser giving you a ideal drug testing tool for your business place to ensure OH&S regulations are complied with.  For commercial operations, this unit can be coin operated and installed in your venue.

The Soberpoint gives you peace of mind by ensuring your employees are working with a zero Blood Alcohol Content.

It has a modern design with clear visual and audio cues via the LCD screen.  The screen can also be used to communicate company information to employees. Calibration is achieved with an easily replaceable sensor module so you won't have to ship the entire unit for calibration, only the sensor.

A separate straw dispenser can also be attached to below the unit.

The unit is WIFI enabled, offering the ability to transfer and sync test results, device information, and more data to your computer wirelessly.

Calibration is required every 6 months.

1. Soberpoint: 1 unit
2. Straws: 1 pack(200ea)
3. User's Guide: 1 ea
4. Power Supply:1 ea

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BAC Range 0.000% - 0.500%BAC
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Warm Up Time Within 30 seconds
Response Time Within 6 seconds at 0.10%BAC
Recycle Time Within 10 seconds
Working Temperature 5 – 40°C
No Instructions Available.