AlcoSense Zenith Plus Breathalyser

The best personal breathalyser in our range, the Zenith+ provides fast BAC test results and extra convenience with a built-in personal mouthpiece.

Its fuel cell sensor promises exceptional accuracy and fast results. Perfect for the busy working professional.

The Zenith + breathalyser is rigorously tested to Australian Standards AS3547 for accuracy, quality and durability.

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Ideal for personal use or small business, the Zenith+ has a hidden built-in mouthpiece that makes personal testing much easier and more economical without the need to stock up on mouthpieces. Additionally, it comes with extra mouthpieces for testing with small business, family and friends. Simply connect a mouthpiece to the existing built-in mouthpiece.

The AlcoSense Zenith+ breathalyser takes personal accountability to a new level. Providing fast, alcohol-specific breath test results within seconds and cleverly designed for practicality and convenient, the Zenith Plus makes breath testing easier than ever.

Fuel Cell Sensor
Unlike a semi-conductor sensor which can be influenced by environmental factors, the Zenith+'s fuel cell sensor modules provide accurate, alcohol-specific readings and can be both replaced and recalibrated.

Highly Accurate Readings
Provides readings up to 3 decimal place readings that are accurate to +/- 0.005%BAC

Australian Standard AS3547
Rigorously tested to Australian Standards AS3547 for accuracy, quality and durability.

Personal Breathalyser
Compact and professionally designed breathalyser ideal for personal use.

Built-in Personal Mouthpiece
Hidden personal mouthpiece for personal use, so you don’t have to carry loose mouthpieces around. Also comes with 5 additional mouthpieces for testing friends and family.

BAC Range 0.000% - 0.200%BAC
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Warm Up Time 5 seconds ~ 2 minutes
Response Time Within 10 seconds
Recycle Time 10 seconds
Working Temperature 5 – 40°C
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
Mouthpieces 5 mouthpieces supplied (please note this unit is only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces)
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