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ProdigyS + Printer Breathalyser

Rigorously tested to AS3547 Australian Standards, the Prodigy S breathalyser goes above and beyond with the highest quality standard accuracy and the latest innovative technology.

Combined with a bluetooth wireless printer, you can print breath test results immediately after each breath test for more comprehensive employee BAC screening and tracking.

*Printer cannot be purchased separately and must be purchased as a pack

Note: Breathalysers are calibrated on order.  Please allow an additional 48 hours to postage time. 

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B-096-ProdPrint BL
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The Prodigy S Breathalyser and printer pack:

Provides accurate 3 decimal place readings ranging from 0.000 to 0.400%BAC at an accuracy of +/- 0.005%BAC.

Used with a sampling cup, passive testing mode provides even faster results when testing multiple individuals.

The Prodigy S breathalyzer provides lightning fast results - with only 2 seconds warm up time and 3 seconds response time.

Designed with a button to remove the mouthpiece from the device without needing to touch the mouthpiece, making testing completely sanitary. Each mouthpiece and sampling cup also comes individually wrapped for maximum hygiene.

Before a test, the Prodigy S will take a clean air sample to ensure the mouthpiece and sensor are clear of alcohol from any previous tests.

The operator can select "Refuse" if the subject refused to take a test or "Discontinue" to abandon a test if the subject did not blow with sufficient force. These are also documented in the test record.

Easily keep track of the breathalyser's calibration statistics at any time through the settings menu.

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