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Prodigy 2 Breathalyser

The Prodigy 2 Breathlyser is a superior onsite workplace breathalyser.

With fast and extremely accurate readings of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC%), along with its own attached printer.

Travel from site to site and keep on testing with memory available for 20,000 test records.
Simple to set up and even simpler to use. Best choice for workplace drug testing in Australia.

With advanced options for testing, screening and storing information; make sure you and your employees have the information to comply with any OHS policy.

Note: Breathalysers are calibrated on order.  Please allow an additional 48 hours to postage time.

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B-018-Prod2 BL
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Prodigy 2 Breathalyser - Elite of Handheld Breathalysers.

It's Quick
A sampling cup can be attached to the unit to simply detect the presence of alcohol on the breath. You can also attach replaceable, hygienic mouthpieces to provide a safe and sanitary way of testing multiple users for an accurate BAC. The Prodigy 2 breathalyser also has a button to remove the mouthpiece from the machine without the need to touch the mouthpiece, making it one of our most sanitary breathalysers. 5 individually wrapped mouthpieces are provided with the unit

It's Advanced
Storage capacity for more than 20,000 entries combined with Thermal Printer: You can enter data including Driver Name, Vehicle Number and Licence Number before breath sample to keep accurate records. These records are stored in the unit memory (up to 20,000) and can be uploaded to a computer via USB plug in. The Prodigy 2 also has a powerful thermal printer attached which can print copies of a test to be used as evidence in judicial hearings.

It's Easy
3.2” TFT colour touch screen: our advanced LED touch screen display makes working your Prodigy 2 breathalyser as easy as possible. Storing details, taking samples, printing and changing information just use the stylus pen to navigate your way through beginner or advanced operations. 

It's Powerful
The Prodigy 2 breathalyser is powered by our most advanced technology. A BAC range of 0.000 - 4.000% and accuracy of +/- 0.005 the FXCELL 3 technology is a powerful fuel cell sensor designed for higher accuracy over regular tests. You have full control over recalibration time warnings with advanced options.   

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You're reviewing:Prodigy 2 Breathalyser
BAC Range 0.000% - 0.400%BAC
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Warm Up Time Within 5 seconds
Response Time Within 2 seconds
Recycle Time 3 seconds
Working Temperature (-)10 – 50°C
Power Supply Rechargeable battery pack
Mouthpieces 5 mouthpieces supplied (please note this unit is only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces)
No Instructions Available.