Explaining Urine Drug Tests to Your Employees

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Explaining Urine Drug Tests to Your Employees
By MediNat Australia 1 year ago 194 Views

If you’re concerned about your employees being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs while they’re at work, you’re not alone. Alcohol and drug-affected employees are a health and safety risk to themselves and everyone else, including contractors and visitors, and can be responsible for reduced productivity and higher absenteeism. If your industry involves the use of heavy machinery, vehicles or hazardous substances, the risk of workplace accidents increases exponentially.

Introducing workplace drug and alcohol testing can be perceived as hostile by some employees or unions and may negatively impact the way your employees feel about the company and their jobs within it.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Wanting to responsibly handle safety risks by conducting drug and alcohol testing in the workplace isn’t as simple as making the decision and informing your employees. You must have a detailed drug and alcohol policy in place before you can start testing.

Even industries such as construction or transport, where drug and alcohol screening is regulated, must have a drug and alcohol policy in place. A drug and alcohol policy that is clear from the beginning and reasonable in the context of the workplace is the best method to ensure employees don’t perceive it as invasive or unfair.

Implementing your Policy

Educating your employees on the dangers and risks of working under the influence of drugs and alcohol and telling them why and how you’ll be conducting the tests goes a long way to getting them on board with your new policy.

The drug and alcohol policy should be tailored to your individual workplace culture with full and complete details, and continuing education for employees so they come to see it as a positive safety measure, and not an invasion of their privacy.

A Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

To introduce an appropriate drug and alcohol policy it’s important to take into consideration any existing drinking culture, including after-work drinks, lunches with clients, and other work-related functions where alcohol is consumed.

Zero tolerance and a drug and alcohol free workplace isn’t always possible in some industries, so you need to be very clear on what constitutes a breach of company policy.

Reliable Urine Drug Tests for Australian Workplaces

At MediNat Australia we can provide a range of urine drug tests, with each batch laboratory tested to ensure they meet rigorous Australian testing standards before release. We can also carry out on-site testing at your workplace.

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